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HubSpot Support for Busy Businesses

We'll manage and Optimize your HubSpot to get clean data, increase conversions, and save your team 20+ hours/week.

We're Trusted By

Is this you?

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You want to hit your marketing or sales goals, but your systems are slowing you down.


There is no go-to HubSpot expert on your team who also has marketing and sales enablement expertise.


Your processes haven’t caught up with the needs of your business, and you’re losing sales as a result.


You are leaving thousands or even millions of dollars on the table (and delivering a worse experience for leads and clients), by not using Hubspot properly for Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success.

Every B2B business we’ve helped had one or most of these problems:


An outdated CRM not aligned with changing business goals


Inefficient system for sales outreach (like manually sifting through leads)


Ineffective marketing assets like landing pages and emails


Bad reporting that doesn't provide meaningful insights


A slow or disjointed marketing to sales handoff process


Inconsistent marketing performance


Bad data: messy lists, missing contact and company data, no automations to update records


No dedicated "keeper" of HubSpot

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HubSpot experts with best-in-class Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success Experience


Our goal is to turn your HubSpot into the coveted "Single Source of Truth" for your business - across Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success.

We're not just HubSpot nerds - we're marketers and salespeople at heart. This allows us to build customized plans focused on your business' goals - not cookie-cutter projects for every client.

Need more specifics?

Our full list of capabilities

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CRM Management

Keeping your CRM clean and efficient across teams
  • HubSpot Onboarding & Implementation 
  • Facilitation of any HubSpot upgrades (We waive required onboarding fees by HubSpot)
  • Quarterly HubSpot Audits and Recommendations Reports 
  • User, Team & Permissions Management 
  • Training & Process Documentation 
  • Tool Integrations & Tech Stack Management
  • Data Migrations
  • CRM File & Asset Management 

Marketing Operations

Helping you prove Marketing ROI & Maximize Output
  • Custom Email, Blog, and Landing Page Templates
  • Asset Strategy and Implementation (Forms, lists, data tracked, etc.)
  • Improve Marketing to Sales Handoff
  • Marketing automation for emails, data management, internal notifications, and more.
  • Build emails and landing pages with your team's content
  • Improve lead qualification and conversion rate optimization
  • Implement repeatable, scalable marketing programs

Sales & CS Operations

Reducing and Optimizing Sales' Time (and Building Customer-Centric Satisfaction Systems)
  • Pipeline Management, Optimization, and Automation
  • HubSpot Sequence Building and Training
  • Manage NPS Surveys and Other Customer Feedback Surveys (and all reporting too!)
  • Improve Sales to Customer Success Handoff
  • Manage Sales Properties & Data
  • Streamline Sales Processes within HubSpot

Growth Advisor

Aligning Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success Strategies within HubSpot
  • Collaborate on all strategies as the "Ops-focused Marketer"
  • Provide recommendations for SEO, ads, new marketing and sales audiences, social media, and more.
  • Meet with internal stakeholders to ensure alignment with Marketing and Sales

This is an add-on service

Leverage our expertise and reclaim your time.

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Hello! I'm Connor,
the founder of Fission.

Over 30 years combined team experience in B2B marketing...

working with dozens of startups, mid-size and public companies.

Over 10 years of HubSpot expertise...

and continue to learn from it every day. Many of us have been with HubSpot since their early days!

Extensive experience across the buyer journey...

building high-impact systems from first touch to closed won.

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Contextual Marketing Certified
Marketin software
Email Marketing
Revenue Operations
Solutions Partner
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Who We Work With

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B2B SaaS/Service and Agencies


Who are currently using - or want to use - HubSpot


And want to collaborate on better Marketing, Sales & Customer Success operations

What are the results?


This SaaS went from 10% open rates to 48% opens and 17% CTRs.

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This Tech Consulting firm went from disjointed campaigns to high-converting, measurable programs.

We redesigned their entire webinar funnel to create engaging content that got more registrations. And everything was cloneable to launch on a monthly basis.

This Transportation Technology firm went from Ineffective Emails with NO nurture strategy to engaging comms that Convert.

After cleaning their marketing lists and creating processes for importing clean contacts, we got these results after just 3 emails.

This B2B SaaS & Marketplace went from manually sifting through leads to automated qualification and prioritization.

We built an automated qualification system to remove unwanted contacts and focus the team on the people that truly mattered. Additionally, we automated several contact and deal-related tasks which improved efficiency and increased conversions.

Kind words from our clients

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Fantastic service and VERY responsive

Connor and crew have been awesome to work with. We initially hired Fission for a short-term engagement to clean up our HubSpot environment and realized quickly that we would need them long term to ensure that we are building a high functioning and fast moving CRM system to drive sales and maintain relationships. Highly recommend Fission's team for their knowledge of HubSpot and their excellent and timely communication.
Chris Worden

Wonderful Support and Service!

Connor and his team are amazing! We hired Fission to help us understand how to use HubSpot and tailor it to the needs of our law firm. From our first meeting I was blown away by the ideas Connor had. Minor changes to our system have made the biggest difference. Connor always has a solution for any problem we are facing, and the response time and turnaround time for any project the team is given is always quick! We couldn’t be happier with our decision to hire Fission.

Client Service Director
Samantha Sloma

Solid Service, Proactive Support, Excellent Insights, Great Partner

As a growing business in a very competitive space, we've got a lot of things to work on and a deep need to watch our dollars. Fission has set up and directly manages our CRM. If i say they are "responsive", that would minimize how quickly modifications, reporting, and Dashboards are created, updated, modified. On the marketing front, we've got 3 folks internally, none of whom are experts when it comes to digital execution so we need a partner who brings knowledge, advice, guidance, and is willing to "turn the wrench". I get that with Fission.
We've made the Fission team an integral part of both our execution and our strategy when it comes to all our marketing efforts. Rather than just being a "vendor" who takes direction, Fission actively and earnestly engages with us. Their insight and expertise is sought after and trusted. Because we have a lot of "moving parts", i've come to expect (and receive) input from the Fission team, often before i ask.
They see stuff and make recommendations and have a plan based on our need and objectives... prior to me asking. It's great, frankly. I have given them significant liberties and the freedom to "do what you believe is best, measure it, and let's figure out if it's working". And i have yet to regret that decision. This is my first time working with them, and i'm more than satisfied with what i'm getting.
David McCauley

We were charged with quickly ramping up our digital lead generation efforts and needed some assistance with best practices as well as an extra pair of hands to get a lot of different campaigns and projects up and running. ...[Fission] is excellent at knowing how to set up processes in HubSpot not only for the marketing team to be able to extract data, but also for the sales team to be notified...Connor is a delight – he’s truly one of our team members. He also is incredibly responsive – answering questions at all times of day or night!

Kendra Ensor

As a hyper growth company, scaling HubSpot to meet our needs has been a challenge. Our Operations team has been stretched to support our growth and we work with Fission to support all of our CRM needs.

Connor engaged immediately and truly understands our business. He is able to provide value at a deep level from customized workflows to ABM and Support ticketing processes.

VP of Sales
James Wallen
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Scope creep? Never heard of it...


We understand priorities change. This is why all our work is structured with flexibility in mind. 

You either pay by the hour or get a fixed bucket of hours each month - and you can use them however you need. We'll work with you on prioritization to ensure maximum efficiency.

What do next steps look like?

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1. Strategy Call

Ensure we are a good fit for your company and goals. You will always walk away with a couple next steps on improving your HubSpot.


2. Agreement

Just some light paperwork!


3. Onboarding + In-Depth Kickoff

After completing the onboarding checklist, we'll have a session to lock in HubSpot priorities and get up to speed on your business so we can start right away.

Our start time averages at 7 days after signed contract.

You'll join a private Slack channel and have direct access to our team of HubSpot experts.


4. It's Go Time!

We're off! We'll connect weekly to review work completed and ensure we stay aligned.

Book Strategy Call
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Book your free strategy call today.


On the call, we will discuss your business' goals, current challenges, and the specific areas in HubSpot you should start to improve.

I always give away a HubSpot tip or two. Even if we don't decide to work together, you'll walk away with actionable next steps to improve your HubSpot.

Choose your work style.

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Pay As You Go

This is for you if:

  • You want the most flexibility possible
  • You have 1-2 projects you want to tackle

What you get:

  • Monthly calls to review HubSpot priorities
  • Monthly automation reviews and cleanup recommendations
  • Complete CRM audits (every 3 months)
  • Complete flexibility in projects in HubSpot

Pay Structure: 

  • Low Monthly Fee + Reduced Hourly Rate

*Regular meetings and automation reviews not included in your hours


Simple retainer with complete flexibility

Most Popular

This is for you if:

  • You are looking for a part-time HubSpot expert to work with you and your team
  • You already have 3+ HubSpot projects to tackle

What you get:

  • 40 hours/month to use as you need
  • Bi-monthly or weekly calls to review HubSpot priorities and projects*
  • Monthly automation reviews and cleanup recommendations*
  • Complete CRM audits (every 3 months)
  • Complete flexibility in projects in HubSpot

Pay Structure:

  • Flat Monthly Fee with Fixed Monthly Hours

*Regular meetings and automation reviews not included in your hours

Discounts are offered starting at 3 month commitments

Need a new HubSpot setup?

Just starting out? We'll build your HubSpot CRM so it's aligned with your business from day one.

Get Your HubSpot Set Up

Work smarter, not harder.

We focus on optimizing your CRM to save your team 20+ hours/week. (Plus, we’re up to 40% more affordable than hiring a full-time CRM, Marketing, Sales, or RevOps Manager).

Book Strategy Call